Elevate Your Kitchen: Small Details, Big Impact

Are you happy with the quality of your current kitchen and feel it just needs a refresh? Not every homeowner requires a complete kitchen overhaul. Many possess a well-maintained kitchen with excellent quality, needing only a few strategic changes to achieve a refreshed and contemporary look. Join us as we explore ideas and finishing touches to transform your existing kitchen into a revitalized and up-to-date space.

Handles and Knobs

Handles can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of a space. By upgrading from traditional cup handles to sleek T-bar or modern knobs, you can effortlessly update the look of your kitchen cabinetry. Finishes can also elevate your cabinetry to new heights. With brass tones gaining popularity adding a touch of warmth and opulence to the aesthetic. Hardware may seem like a minor aspect of kitchen design, but the right knobs, handles, and pulls can instantly refresh the look of your cabinets and drawers.


Hand Painting

Littlewick Green - main kitchen design

If you have solid wood or veneered cabinetry, you have the chance to revitalize your kitchen’s appearance with a fresh coat of paint. This presents an excellent opportunity to inject personality into your home, steering away from the limited colour options often found in modular furniture. Moreover, repainting your cabinetry offers a cost-effective alternative, allowing you to allocate your budget to other kitchen or home priorities. Additionally, opting for this approach promotes sustainability by reusing existing cabinetry, reducing wastage and carbon footprint. If you’re looking for a custom, hand-painted finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your space, we’ve got you covered here at Stevens Designs.



Splashbacks serve a practical purpose by protecting your walls from spills and splatters, but they can also serve as a stylish focal point in your kitchen. Whether you prefer timeless subway tile, antique mirrors, or luxurious marble, selecting the right splashback can add texture, colour, and personality to your space. Mirrors offer a clever solution for creating the illusion of spaciousness and brightness. Strategically positioned, they reflect light throughout the room, especially when placed opposite garden windows, seamlessly bringing the outdoors inside.




Pendants, chandeliers, led strip lights are just some options to update your interior.  From highlighting design features such as an LED Framing around a tall bank of units adding depth and visual interest to the room. Pendant lights are another versatile choice, perfect for creating focal points in your space, whether it’s above an island or peninsula in the kitchen or as statement pieces above a dining table. Their unique designs and customizable heights allow them to serve as both functional and decorative elements, adding character and charm to any room. Chandeliers, with their intricate designs and radiant glow, are ideal for bringing a touch of luxury and sophistication to your interior.  By carefully selecting and incorporating lighting options into your interior design scheme, you can not only illuminate your space but also enhance its beauty, functionality, and overall ambiance.




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