What to Expect from Our Kitchen Design Service

We offer a different approach to buying a kitchen & renovating your home, with a focus on a personalised kitchen design service & complete flexibility.

What makes us unique?

Stevens Design was founded to offer a different approach to buying a kitchen & renovating your home. We offer a highly personalised and flexible kitchen design service, without being tied into any brands exclusively, with access to a level of choice that the high street cannot offer.



We support you at every step of the journey – from considering the feasibility of your ideas to fully project managing the installation and associated building works. We take the stress away by guiding you through the key decisions and we strive to create a process that minimises compromises and maximises the return on the investment in your home.

Your personal designer, tailoring everything around what works for you and your project.

With a deep-rooted passion for design, our mission is to eliminate the common pain points that often accompany the search for the perfect kitchen. Many of our clients often come to us after encountering some of these frustrations, which can include:



What to Expect in Our First Meeting

After your initial enquiry and a chat over the phone, we meet face to face either on-site or at our home, where we have a selection of our products and samples on display. To ensure a truly exceptional and tailored experience for every customer, we make this meeting as comprehensive as possible.

Kevin has almost 20 years of design experience working with clients. Teasing out the most important parts of the brief that will allow us to create that WOW moment when we reveal your design has become second nature.

 In this meeting we cover:

  • Revisit any plans and discuss the space and layout options.
  • Understand what ideas you may have, the ‘must haves’ and the ‘must avoids’.
  • We will cover the appliances and functionality required, explaining the latest technology.
  • Discuss the character and architectural aspects and finishes of the property, to agree on a style direction.
  • Depending on where the brief is held, we may spend time looking at the kitchen displays and selecting an initial palette of finishes.
  • Discuss any bespoke requests or elements to be considered; breakfast cupboards, a walk-in larder, a chef’s pantry, a utility, a boot room, or a bar area etc.
  • Consider the refurbishment and build aspects of the project and see if/where any of our services may be required.
  • Then, we will discuss timescales and ideal completion dates.

Then, once the brief is complete and we have everything we need, we will:

  • Agree on a final ‘target budget’.
  • Discuss the time & deposit required for us to go away and produce the design work ready for presentation.


Invest in the process with peace of mind

One of the typical frustrations customers have with how most kitchen companies operate is that the process involves a big investment in time and headspace. You can go through this process, but if the interpretation of your ideas or the rapport with the designer doesn’t feel quite right, you are back to square one. You cannot take your designs away and the conversations need to start again, with another designer.


kitchen designer creating kitchen floor plan


We offer a different option. For a fair deposit, you can take away your detailed and itemised plans and shop around. We’re very confident in our ability to provide excellent value for money as we have low overheads, but we appreciate that sometimes considering all options feels right. Then, if you come back (as most do), the deposit is refunded.

This approach works well for our clients, and we are proud to have such wonderful reviews, referrals & repeat business.

If you’d like to have an initial chat over the phone about our kitchen design service, don’t hesitate to get in touch here.