Cherry Garden Lane

A modern, hand-painted shaker kitchen with a ‘ripple-effect’,

Bringing the outside in

This in-frame beaded shaker is mixed with a slated shaker island. The vibrant blue accent not only creates a fresh modern feel, but is aimed at reflecting the swimming pool that sits as a back-drop to this amazing new space. Curved units, radius pilasters and a circular breakfast bar help soften the shape to what is a very linear part of the room. The feature island bulkhead is cleverly ‘rippled’ which is designed to draw a connection between the internal kitchen area and outside pool, but also represents the energy and atmosphere sent up from below in a kitchen which is full of hustle and bustle and enjoyed by all the family.

Kevin has created a family space and kitchen that we love. The whole family enjoy it and functionally it works perfectly for us.

Emma and David Kilpatrick