Minimalist can still be bold.

A modern handle-less kitchen designed to ‘pop’

As an experienced graphic designer with an eye for colour, our client craved a kitchen that not only combined an ultra-minimalistic style but also carried a sense of fun and vibrancy less associated with clinical modern design.

The introduction of a panoramic window avoided a break where the tall cabinetry leads onto the bridging units thus creating an enhanced sense of length to the room. Subtle detailing was also key to the design, such as the extractor disguised to be a pendant light and the under-chamfering of the chunky Corian breakfast bar running to an ‘infinity’ edge. The chamfered under-bar echoes into the futuristic bar stools up to the angled contours of the gable window. The burnt orange accent then ‘pops’ from the seamless linear planes of the kitchen.

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.

Wassily Kandinsky