Hawker House

Urban vibes!

Set in the picturesque village of Chilbolton, the modern style and design of this property was a complete contrast to its surroundings. The palette used creates a connection to the outdoors through textures and tones. The clients’ love of wood is projected through the Spekva bamboo breakfast bar and contrasts with the pebble grey worktops, representing stone from the countryside.

Hidden feature lighting adds depth and an ambient glow, designed to enhance the feeling of richness and a sense of homeliness and warmth, whether on a dusky summer evening or like the glow of a fire seen through the seams of a log cabin on a cold winters day.

The quality of product, and the choice of product, and the amount of attention to detail, and the hand-holding that we got from Stevens Design, was far superior to what was available on the high street.

Mrs Justine Weinblatt-Weir

Hawker House