Littlewick Green – Phase 2

INSIDE OUT – Yes - we do bespoke, made-to-order, outdoor kitchens too!

The best way to articulate the background to this project is to have it explained by the client themselves:

We first worked with Kevin when he designed our indoor kitchen 7 years ago. We were so impressed with his design and the process for procuring and fitting the kitchen that we approached him to help design a new outdoor kitchen and dining space.

When we approached Kevin we had a high level architectural design for the buildings for planning purposes, but were struggling to decide how to finish the kitchen and surrounding patio areas. Our brief to Kevin was to produce a design for the project and to help source materials and manage the overall project for installing and commissioning the outdoor space.

Kevin began by building a realistic 3-D computer model of the project which allowed us to understand the overall layout of the project and resulted in him suggesting changes to both the size, but also the positions of the building and swimming pool. This introduced a new bridging-roof to be designed to cover and protect the outside kitchen space which was fantastic, as it would mean we could use the kitchen area all through the year.

Kevin then designed the outdoor kitchen, including pizza oven, Komado Joe bbq, as well as outdoor sink and fridges, as well as an island / seating area. He built a mood board on the illustration by Graham Rust, featured on the cover of novel ‘The Secret Garden’ with two doorways also being designed symmetrically either side of the kitchen, one on the left to create a storage cupboard, but the other on the right to allow for access a passageway to a hidden garden area herb-garden behind the kitchen.

The step on the project was selecting and sourcing materials, including reclaimed effect bricks to match the main house and garden wall bricks, cortex steel effect finish to complement a flamed effect granite used for the worktops and kitchen islands. Finally selecting a contemporary grey ceramic tile to pull the whole project together. Kevin  introduced specialist lighting and timber frame designers (‘Lighting by Plum’ and roof detail by OSO Timber) who helped specify the final lighting details and structural details of the oak frame. Finally he also helped to source the kitchen manufacture and fitting of the kitchen.

We love the final kitchen, and use it much more than we originally planned both in summer but also through the winter. We have been really impressed by the proceed that was followed and how it led us through a structured design, sourcing and engineering process. We are thrilled by the quality of the outdoor kitchen and the job as a whole is just so much more than what we ever imagined.

The Kilpatrick Family