The Annex: Stevens Design HQ

Mi casa es tu casa!

As an independent design company, we pride ourselves in being able to offer an individualised, personal, and tailored service to each of our prospective clients. We invite every customer into our own home, which is effectively a template example of the products and styles we work with, with the aim of boosting your confidence, knowing you are in safe hands.

As a family and working couple, we undertook an extensive build project a few years back when we launched ‘Stevens Design’ and so we have lived the process our clients are about to embark on and understand the key stages and considerations when re-designing their own home. Being able to case-study two kitchens from our own home is a great help to clients – one a traditional painted shaker kitchen, and the other an exciting new Annex building which boasts a complete mix of products including furniture styled in modern slab, handled and handle-less as well as wood grain painted. It also offers clients the chance to see Siemens Studioline appliances and stunning stone worktops as well as built-in wardrobes, porcelain flooring samples and ideas for your ensuite.

Within five minutes of walking into his home I knew that he really understood what we were trying to achieve and spent a whole lot of time with us working through various designs and material options.

Mrs Sharon McHale