The Rushes

‘No Mess' in this uber modern handle-less design with its super-size, seamless island.

Minimalist heaven

A big part of the clients’ brief was to “hide away all the mess”.

A long bank of cupboards on the reverse side of the entrance door secludes the main bulk of appliance cabinetry, which is cleverly nestled into a studwork framing. A frosted glass pocket door allows light to pour through the space, but also hides anything on view as you journey through the atrium.

The 5m+ island is formed solely from chunky, mitred Corian and is seamlessly jointed to a low-level table designed for ‘family-time’, not just to eat upon, but also for the family to enjoy a space that can comfortably cater for juggling cooking with homework time.

Kevin's approach is very professional and his team of fitters exemplary, with craftsmanship of the highest standard.

Mr & Mrs Knight